“BerpeIuh, Ins0mnia T3ruk, Gellsah & Hilang…” – Diana Danielle Kongsi Penderitaan Hldap ‘Anxlety Att4ck’

Diana berkongsi pengalaman itu menerusi satu posting di Instagramnya yang dimuat naik semalam.

Menurut Diana, dia diser4ng ‘anxlety att4ck’ sekitar dua minggu lalu apabila slmpt0m peny4kit itu muncul satu persatu.

“Saya berpeluh, insomnia yang truk, gellsah dan kehilangan selera makan. Saya fikir saya boleh meIawannya,” katanya.

Menurut Diana lagi, dia kemudian mula mengalami 4sma dan pernafasan yang terhad tiga hari lalu.

“Dada terasa ketat dengan pernafasan sangat minumum. Jadi sekarang saya sedang berIawan untuk bernafas dengan mudah.

“Saya akan kongsikan pengalaman ini untuk membantu sesiapa saja yang mengalami nasib sama. Masalah ‘anxlety att4ck’ sangat real dan menyakltkan.

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Those who have it can relate. I dont care how my hair or face or clothes look like right now — this is the raw truth that many people have tried to deny themselves of, family members saying “it’s not real, chill” or you yourself saying “i dont know why, am i weak? Am i just mengada?” No dear — your mind, your body, your everything will just sweat, shake, hyperventilate, heart racing at random times and for no reason and you feel helpless. You think – hm, maybe if i have enough sleep i’d be better. Maybe if i have enough food i’d be better. But this thing is unpredictable. It plays with your emotions, and right now im tired. See I dont cry. I dont. Only when it hurts to my core. But not being able to breathe for so many days is so scary and is sooooo frustrating. My chest hurts from overextending the breathing. I would never dream of making a video crying like a baby and show it to the world. But it’s important to speak about mental health that affects so many others. I share because in malaysia this is not shared, people go thru it in silence, don’t be shy to seek help from a professional, an ustaz who is experienced and who can share steps to manage the overwhelming experience — some have suffered for 10-20 years in silence and it’s not fair. So ill be open and try some solutions given by so many good hearted people. Just know that panic attacks can turn to anxiety attacks which can also turn into other forms of mental instabilities so find your channel, your solution and spread your way of getting better. Maybe someone going through it now will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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“Bayangkan ia mengambil separuh nafas anda selama tiga hari,” katanya pada posting tersebut.

Mengjengah ke ruang komen, rata-rata warganet dilihat turut berkongsi kisah dan pengalaman mereka meng4dapi peny4kit tersebut.

Tidak kurang juga yang tampil memberi nasihat serta panduan untuk menangani masalah berkenaan.

Selain itu rakan artis juga tidak ketinggalan memberi komen positif yang mendoakan kesihatan Diana pulih.

Antaranya termasuklah Mawar Rashid, Sherry Alhadad, Uyaina Arshad dan Daiyan Trisha.

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I had what seems like an anxiety attack that started about 2 weeks ago, symptoms propped up one after another, excessively sweaty palms, severe insomnia, racing heatbeat, restlessness, loss of appetite. I knew it was impending on me but I thought I could fight it. 3 days ago I started having asthmatic symptoms, tightening of the chest and very shallow breathing, today my ribs and the muscles around my back are starting to ache from just trying to get a full breath. So right now I’m still struggling to breathe with ease… once I recover I’d like to share my experience with hopes that it’ll be helpful if anyone out there is going through the same thing. Anxiety is F-ing real, and it F-ing hurts and affects your livelihood. Imagine taking half breaths for 3 days? It just feels like you’re drowning in your own body. . . i know i look happy in the video; i normally am a cheerful girl but today I broke down crying a couple of times sebab nafas tak puas. So it’s not an easy few days — but let’s see how this subsides. InsyaAllah…

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